I would like to introduce myself and share with you why I wanted to open a pet store/grooming spa.  I embarked on a journey in 2015 to obtain my Certification to become a Health Coach.  I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2015 and I came to the conclusion that I did not want to coach humans, but instead wanted to go into the pet side of nutrition.  I opened Woof Gang Bakery Ft. Lauderdale in October of 2016.  I realized that the pet industry has been taken over by companies that do not really care about the health of our pets.  I read every label of the products that are in my store; as an example, a dog or cat does not need sugar and/or salt added to their food or treats  (and plenty of other unhealthy ingredients). You may ask why would that be harmful for a dog or cat.  Then ask yourself, do animals in the wild have sugar or salt in the prey they eat?  We have domesticated our pets today and therefore think their diet should be similar to what we eat. There is a huge influx of dogs with diabetes, over weight, heart disease, liver disease and the list goes on and on.  I wanted to learn more about pet food and what we are feeding our "furry" children, so I acquired a Certificate for a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist. My eyes were opened to the fact that the pet food industry is as bad as the human food industry.  We want our pets to have a healthy long life and a great start is what we put in our "furry" children's diet.  My hope is that I can help shed some insight for a more holistic approach to care for your "furry" children. Stay tuned!           

My other passion was to design a grooming spa focusing on the way I wanted my dog treated when she is groomed.  Our grooming is by appointment, so your dog does not have to wait several hours at the groomers until it is their turn to be groomed.  All dogs are hand dried by their groomer, we do not have cage drying (https://www.petage.com/the-controversy-over-cage-drying/).  I had not heard of cage drying until I got into the grooming business, I attached a link showing what cage drying entails, it is a very impersonal way of grooming a "furry" child.  Our groomers are hands on from beginning to end with their grooming of each "furry" client. Our "furry" clients have their own play pen area to hang out in while they are waiting on their parents.  We want each "furry" customer to be treated as our own "furry" children.  

I hope you will stop by Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Ft. Lauderdale!